To be educated means…

       ‘I will not only be able to help myself, but also my family, my country, my people. The benefits will be many.’



    Today’s girl is tomorrow’s woman and education is her basic right. Educating girls is one of the most important investments that any country can make in its own future. Women are at the heart of our societies. Regardless of whether they are working outside or at home, mothers are very influential people in children’s lives. Education has a profound effect on girl’s ability to claim other rights and achieve high status in society, such as Socio-economic independence and political representation. Education increases woman’s chances of finding well-paid work, raising a good family and hence a great society. Education, which produces human capital for a nation, is a crucial step in overcoming poverty and raising the standard of living. The economic bene???ts of educating females are enormous. Educating a girl is one of the best investments her family, community, and country can make. Without educating girls you cannot think of a nation to develop as women are the mothers who write the future of a generation. Not only this but educating a girl has many other aspects like her personal grooming and her contribution to support her family, nation and its development.

The Study titled “ Bottle Necks to Girl Education” was assigned to various DIETs including DIET Beerwah Budgam by State Project Director Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) Jammu and Kashmir. Research design and tools were finalized after concentrated discussions with various educationists and experts of education department. The sample was selected on the basis of social, economic, physical and environmental characteristics ensuring representative spread throughout the district. We believe that the findings and recommendations of study are going to help in minimizing the bottle necks to girl education in district Budgam and else.


About us

DIET is the most significant educational intervention in the country, while the NCERT came up in the 1960???s and the state councils of education research and training came up in 1970???s.


???The mission of the DIETs is to provide academic and resource support to the grass root level for the success of the various strategies and programme being undertaken in the areas of elementary & adult education.

Our Objectives

???The Aim of Education is the knowledge not of facts but of values.??? In the heart of dedicated professionals is the belief that the primary goal of education is student achievement.

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